Support for Training, Advocacy, & Networking in Developing Democracies Project (STAND)


Support for Training, Advocacy, & Networking in Developing Democracies Project (STAND)

Sana'a, Taiz, Hodaidah, Ibb, Dhamar,-

This project’s aimed to build the capacity of nascent local CSOs in different thematical areas to advocate for democracy and community needs in four Yemeni governorates. The project is divided into three phases, where in each phase the CSOs are being granted with specific amount (small grant) to implement a proposal by using Partners Yemen’s proven methodology of locally led capacity-building, combined with tiered grant-making and support for knowledge-sharing across networks.  STAND empowered civil society sector in Yemen to influence decision-making, hold governments accountable, and provide vital solutions to social and economic challenges. The STAND project provides nascent civil society organizations (CSOs) with the tools they need to address social and economic challenges and participate in local decision-making, promoting healthy and prosperous democratic practices and societies that thrive on their own terms. 35 nascent organizations from the region, 14 Yemeni nascent CSOs, and 450 staff and volunteers throughout Yemen trained in 12-part organizational development curriculum. 20 Grants were implemented as follow: 10 grants Bedaya phase, 7 grants Enjaz phase and 3 were the rapid small grants.  64 CSOs’ leaders and members were trained, networking and coalitions between the local CSOs was established,  the targeted CSOs gained skills, experience and currently they are sustained, competing other organizations, received fund from different international donors to serve local communities.