Mission And Vision

Our Vision

A leading Yemeni organization in civil society development, peacebuilding, inclusion and community stabilization.

Our Mission

To expand the identity of Partners Yemen locally and internationally, strengthen institutional capacity, expand and diversify areas of response, identify and address urgent needs and issues, develop partnerships to enhance stability and peace, and ensure inclusivity by engaging all community groups, with a particular focus on women, youth, and underrepresented groups.

Our Values

Partners Yemen is committed to the following values: partnership, inclusion, leadership, development, excellence, one-team, do-no-harm, transparency, impartiality, collaborative work, seriousness, accuracy, respect, loyalty, good acquaintance, respect for privacy, democracy, innovation, and development. These values guide the organization's culture and behavior, and help the organization achieve its vision and objectives.

Our Goals

  • 1.     Building and strengthening structures and bridges of stable, effective, and impartial partnerships at the local and national levels that fully adhere to the legal and literary terms of reference of the INGOs/NGO's actions.

    2.     Strengthening partnership bridges with international and local actors, including the international network of partners, the Yemeni Government, non-governmental civil actors and local democratic structures to build strategies, and design and implement integrated, realistic, efficient, and quality action programs.

    3.     Expanding and developing the Organization's institutional work base and building its capacities to make it structurally flexible and diverse, adhering to international standards for the international community organizations works supporting the Country and embodying the tripartite partnership between the Country, the private sector, and the civil sector.

    4.     Responding to stakeholders including; "Government, funders, partners, vulnerable and target populations and NGO partners”.

    5.     Contributing to the construction of legal community structures that work to improve the reception and management of development aids and reduce the effects of its conflicts and involve young people and women in community work, advocacy, modern and old mediation, and empowerment in accordance with the best quality.

    6.     Working collaboratively with the formal structures responsible for providing security, justice, and conflict transformation services by focusing on the development of the legislations and laws supporting the idea of mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and reconciliation.

    7.     Enhancing societies' ability to contribute positively to development and spreading awareness and a positive culture that contributes to strengthening the relationship between Country institutions and society so as to lead to a closer and more realistic response to needs.

    8.     Improving the knowledge and expertise base of modern and old conflict management, strengthening the role of civil society, volunteering, available peace resources, and conflict transformation.

    9.     Preventing the impact of conflicts and crises on resources, development, society, and peacebuilding, stimulating its stability and development, and facilitating broader civic engagement.