Capacity Building and Community Entrepreneurship -Projects

PARTNERSYEMEN is one of the first organizations to work on individual capacity building programs/projects for women and youth, institutional capacities of NGOs and Institutions, and local civil work and cooperation structures in rural and urban cities, especially in conflict-ridden tribal areas. Our focus included assessing safety, security, protection, justice, institutional capacities, partnership structures, providing gender-sensitive services, and empowering women and men to seek redress in the event of denial of rights and being left behind, access to security, recognition, acceptance, equitable access to public institutions and economic participation. In other hand, in accordance with the "community-oriented approach", we design and implement participatory initiatives that foster confidence in youth roles, and integrate the military-demobilized youth and violent and at-risk ones, as well. We work through two tracks that achieve inclusiveness and integration as it follows; 1- The first track concerns vocational guidance, training, and cooperative rehabilitation for young people with attention to gender and relevance to market needs. 2- The second track is related to qualifying young men and women on the methodology of participatory analysis of needs, consultations with professionals, and communication with relevant government agencies and businessmen, leading to building a common understanding of the laws of supply and demand in the field of services and skills.
  • Capacity Building Program
  • Community Entrepreneurship Program