Peace Building -Projects

Yemeni mediators and arbitrators have great knowledge and experience in mediation, management and resolution of disputes in community and tribal conflicts. The community has a structure of traditions and rules. As well, the community has inherited written and unwritten guidelines, mediators, arbitrators, sheikhs and maragha [tribal and community reference of disputes – sheikh of sheikhs] who are fluent in the skills of resolving and managing disputes and conflicts and eliminating them customarily, which often leads to success in modifying attitudes, obtaining truces, settling disputes and compensations and reparation for damages. Yet, they rarely succeed in the analysis, resolution and criminal reconciliation in root causes of disputes. Therefore, we provide knowledge, skills and expertise with a focus on conflict transformation methodologies and approaches, and leveraging local resources to transform conflicts. In fact, we train partner organizations, committees, youth, women and recognized community mediators on tools adapted to the Yemeni reality that integrate a traditional community tradition and modern mechanisms with contemporary best practices. Thus, we always prioritize conflicts over resources and services and contribute to positive peacebuilding efforts.
  • Development Conflict Sensitivity Program
  • Social Peace Building Program