Rule of Law -Projects

The rule of law sector practiced by PARTNERSYEMEN aims to reform or reformulate the legal framework(s) and reforming the justice system (judiciary, police, and prisons systems) in accordance with the Yemeni Constitution. We support equal access to justice, where people are able to resolve conflicts and access appropriate remedies for grievances through formal or informal justice mechanisms. PARTNERSYEMEN also seek to integrate and benefit through the practice of traditional and tribal justice systems, that occur at the community level and are considered as an authentic social and cultural heritage passed down through generations, in achieving justice and resolving conflicts. The activities aim to promote equal citizenship and human rights without discrimination as to race, color, gender, religion or region. It promotes transitional and restorative justice, which is concerned with how to address the remnants of grave violations by countries emerging from civil war, mass violence or political repression in support of national reconciliation.
  • Integrative Transitional Support Program