Social Cohesion and Reconciliation -Projects

Yemen has a relatively strong infrastructure for societal reconciliation – and truth. PARTNERSYEMEN are working to understand and analyze the infrastructure of reconciliation and stability factors, discover their weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as the effects of different variables. We work to strengthen the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community actors, including youth and women, to know and master the skills, techniques and mechanisms of traditional and modern work, and to devise integrated methodologies and approaches to reformulate and build the right relationships with accountability. In addition, we work to strengthen Social Cohesion through the identification of participatory needs, the design of objectives, methodologies and tools such as mediation, arbitration, negotiation, conflict resolution, management and transformation of disputes and conflicts leading to peacebuilding, cohesion, coexistence and access to justice, mechanisms of participation and cooperation between various actors, provision of social and economic support services, strengthening the capacities of civil society, and support for local and national regimes to coordinate effectively and constructively.
  • Dialogue Bridges Program
  • Community Resilience Program