Enhance Rural Resiliency in Yemen Project (ERRY)


Enhance Rural Resiliency in Yemen Project (ERRY)

Lahj, Hajjah,-

Enhance Rural Resiliency in Yemen (ERRY). Partners’ ERRY project, funded by European Union and UNDP and implemented by Partners during Apr. 2017 – Oct. 2019 is designed to enhance the self- reliance of Yemeni communities, particularly in rural regions, to better cope with crises, risks, and shocks. Working closely with the United Nations Development Program and other UN agencies, Partners Yemen introduced a coordinated resilience approach to reduce vulnerabilities and contribute to improved levels of community stability and local governance in targeted areas (Hajjah, and Lahj) by strengthening the capacity  of  “Insider  Mediators”  (IMs)  through  training,  community  dialogues,  and  grassroots initiatives. 29 trainers trained in conflict sensitive approach, four district conflict resolution committees established, 132 Insider Mediators trained in conflict management, mediation, and community participation, 32 community dialogues conducted, 314 community members engaged to address local grievances, needs, priorities and conflicts; 4 expanded community’s dialogues implemented to engage local authority leaders, directors, insiders mediators and community’s representatives 32 community conflict resolved. 29 small grants implemented to address and resolve the community conflicts. Two manuals designed, printed and distributed to the trainers and insiders’ mediators (Conflict Sensitive Development and Grants Management Manual).