Security and Justice Dialogue Project (SJD)


Security and Justice Dialogue Project (SJD)

Aden, Taiz, Marib, Abyan,-

The Security and Justice Dialogue (SJD) project is a United States Institute of Peace (USIP) funded project which was implemented from October 2012 to October 2013. The project implemented in two phases an assessment on the impact of Transition on local Security and Justice in Yemen focusing on Abyan, Mareb, Aden and Taiz and two security and justice dialogue. Based on the assessments two symposiums conducted in Mareb and Abyan to assist local stakeholders including local government officials, local security and Justice representatives, tribal leaders, leaders of popular committees, civil society and women to discuss ways in which formal justice and security can be introduced and strengthened in the two governorates. 80 local authority leaders, security and justice personnel participated to address the judicial and security issues, 2 follow up committees established, and 2 strategic visions formed.