Tribal Leader Support & Developing Dialogues Forum Project (DDF)


Tribal Leader Support & Developing Dialogues Forum Project (DDF)

Marib, Shabwa,-

The Tribal Leader Support and Developing Dialogues Forum (DDF), funded by the US Embassy, (during Sep 2009- March 2011), the project implemented in two phases and established a neutral space in which key and influential tribal leaders, local council members, social figures, and NGOs discussed ongoing problems, identified possible solutions, and acquire critical knowledge.  The goal was to generate possible development opportunities to break the “conflict trap” and address the issues of instability and lack of development at the grassroots level.  Partners-Yemen organized six symposia, for leaders in Marib and Shabwa region, focused on governorates issues, development management, water and conflict, youth and community development and the role for traditional tribal customs in promoting stability and development and protecting public interest. And one symposium related to address the conflict between local authority, communities, tribes and Oil companies. TLS and DDF reached over 448 tribal and religious leaders, local council members, youth, and women from tribal zone.