Community-Based Conflict Mitigation (CCM) Project


Community-Based Conflict Mitigation (CCM) Project

Marib, Al Baydha, Shabwa,-

Community-Based Conflict Mitigation Project (CCM) was implemented from January 2010 to January 2012 and funded by USAID. The project empowered local authorities and community-based organizations to establish sustainable systems and structures to address the root causes of conflicts over natural resources and educational and health services, as well as disputes between corporations and communities. This project targeted the tribal and the most conflict-based governorates in Yemen (Marib, Shabwah and Albida). The project established community committees in each of the targeted governorate; these committees were responsible to solve the community conflicts that are sensitive to local communities.  448 direct trainees, 10 community conflict mitigation commissions established, 843 citizens participating, 9 small grants implemented, 6 conflicts resolved; 2 inter-tribal soccer tournaments hosted; and 1 dialogue among local authorities and civil society. The project then was extended for two more years under (YCCM) Yemen Community Conflict Mitigation project funded from DFID and FCO