Traffic Signs Grant

  • Local Partners

    Musaala for Human Rights

  • Location

    Marib,- Al-Wadi, Al-Madina, Al-Juba,

  • Beneficiaries



Traffic Signs Grant

Four road signs have been installed to direct passengers/travelers to pass through safer routes. Those roads were;

-          Al-Samada area, Marib Al-Wadi district, to guide travelers on the desert line linking Marib/Al-Jawf/Sana’a governorates,

-          Al-Jubah district, at the junction of Murad Mountain district road,

-          and at Al-Bayda Road junction in Al-Juba district, indicating the road leading to Al-Bayda governorate,

-          and at the city of Marib crossroad of Al-Juba district indicating road heading to Marib the city.

  • Project Idea

    The idea of the project came due to the lack of directional traffic signs at the crossroads, indicating the travelers the names of regions and districts, and in order to avoid drivers taking wrong roads.

  • Goal

    To provide road signs to guide travelers to the right directions of different roads and cities.

  • Impact

    Guiding travelers from passing through secondary roads that may lead to areas where there are road-cuts by thieves or to ongoing war battlefields, and thus to be of value for travelers about the distances between different areas.