Improvement of Mohammed Hayel Hospital Grant

  • Local Partners

    Musaala for Human Rights

  • Location

    Marib,- Al-Madina,

  • Beneficiaries



Improvement of Mohammed Hayel Hospital Grant

Dialogues and meetings were held between public and private hospitals to raise needs and meet with the local authority to play its role in supporting the health sector. In addition, the administrative staff capacities were built on how to use the new electronic system, an electronic system for the hospital, including 6 computers, connecting them to the hospital main server, a solar energy system, and the first aid supplies were provided.

  • Project Idea

    Because of their use of the primitive manual system in diagnosing patients, as well as manually recording data, and the shortcoming in the hospital laboratory staff capabilities, the initiative to rehabilitate the Martyr Mohammad Hayel Hospital was popped up.

  • Goal

    Improving the role of the local authority in providing health services to the community to alleviate their suffering in the health aspects.

  • Impact

    Saving time and effort and better diagnosing sick cases, archiving patients' files electronically to facilitate return to them