Covid-19 Grant (Support of Health Isolation Center)

  • Local Partners

    Mareb Dam Foundation

  • Location

    Marib,- Al-Wadi, Al-Madina,

  • Beneficiaries



Covid-19 Grant (Support of Health Isolation Center)

 Volunteer youths at the medical centers of Al-Wadi and the city were trained on health aspects. Thus, a field campaign to distribute the oral rehydration solution to the most affected families was carried out, other field campaigns to sterilize the camps of the IDPs in the city and the valley districts were implemented, another awareness campaigns for citizens and IDPs about the precautionary measures from Covid 19 were conducted. Also, 300 health kits for the most affected families in the displacement camps were distributed, and 10 Oxygen cylinders were provided to the health isolation center in the city.

  • Project Idea

    The health isolation center suffered from its inability to receive Covid-19 cases and suspected cases due to the lack of enough oxygen cylinders and the spread of cases in the area. So, the idea of supporting the health center was initiated.

  • Goal

    Helping the local authority by supporting the health center to provide better medical services to citizens, and reduce the spread of Covid 19 in the region.

  • Impact

    Raising the center’s capacity to receive cases of Covid 19, raising the level of awareness among citizens and the IDPs