Health Sector Improvement Grant

  • Local Partners

    Rafd Rural Development Foundation

  • Location

    Al-Dhalea,- Al-Dhalea'a,

  • Beneficiaries



Health Sector Improvement Grant

The capacity of the hospital staff, especially doctors and nurses, has been built in preventive measures from Covid-19, the intensive care unit was rehabilitated by expanding the intensive care unit capacity to 8 patients’ beds, paving its ceil to prevent water leakage, establishing an incinerator for the hospital to dispose of waste and medical waste. Also, sanitary supplies and utensils for the inpatient room was provided, and the hospital walls were rebuilt.

  • Project Idea

    Al-Nasr Hospital lacks of capabilities, lack of patients’ beds in the intensive care room, and the absence of an incinerator to dispose of medical waste, as well as the lack of periodic maintenance of the hospital, hence the idea of the project to manage the health sector and support Al-Nasr Hospital by establishing an incinerator and rehabilitating the intensive care unit was emerged.

  • Goal

    Improving the role of the local authority in providing health services to the community to alleviate their suffering in the health aspect.

  • Impact

    The hospital’s ability to accommodate a large number of patients, especially in the intensive care unit, and securing the community from medical waste