Water & Sanitation Sector Improvement Grant

  • Local Partners

    Ruwa’a Foundation for Development

  • Location

    Al-Dhalea,- Qua'ataba,

  • Beneficiaries



Water & Sanitation Sector Improvement Grant

The capacity of the local authority and water sector, the Public Institution for Water and Sanitation, the Rural Water Corporation, and the Public Institution for Water Resources employees has been built in analyzing, diagnosing and determining priorities related to the water sector in order to be treated by the local authority. In order to treat it, a committee has visited the most vulnerable places by the sewerage accumulation to be rehabilitated and connected to the main sewage network.

  • Project Idea

    The city of Qa’ataba suffered from the accumulation of sewage water in the city’s neighborhoods, which caused the transmission of many diseases to the citizens. Hence, the idea of addressing the sewage problem through the establishment and rehabilitation of a sewage network.

  • Goal

    Improving the role of the local authority in alleviating the suffering of citizens as a result of sewage collection, and providing sanitation services to citizens as well as the spread of diseases and epidemics among the community.

  • Impact

    Mitigating the spread of epidemics and diseases, reducing the number of malaria patients visiting the hospital, and ensuring that sanitation is maintained on a permanent basis.