Waste Collection Improvement Grant

  • Local Partners

    Youth & Children Protection Foundation

  • Location

    Al-Dhalea,- Al-Dhalea'a,

  • Beneficiaries



Waste Collection Improvement Grant

The capacities of the local authority and the cleaning fund were built and they came up with a working paper and recommendations on the most important challenges and solutions to these issues. 9 waste collection barrels were provided and distributed within the city of Al-Dhalea’a. The cleaning fund was provided with 4 tuk-tuk carts to collect waste on a daily basis, in addition to conducting a cleanliness campaign for the city of Al-Dhalea’a and awareness campaigns for individuals.

  • Project Idea

    Due to the great shortage of waste barrels as well as waste collection vehicles, and the inability of the local authority to improve cleaning services due to the lack of a budget, this initiative was emerged to provide waste barrels and maintenance of waste collection vehicles.

  • Goal

    Improving the role of the local authority in providing services, contributing to the cleanliness of the city and mitigating the spread of epidemics and diseases.

  • Impact

    The removal of waste has become on a daily basis, and waste collection places are located on the main streets of the targeted areas