Community Safety Grant

  • Local Partners

    Yemen without Conflict Organization

  • Location

    Taiz,- al-Mudhaffar, al-Qahera, Sala,

  • Beneficiaries



Community Safety Grant

A workshop for a imams and media professionals and the establishment of an imam’s forum was implemented to enhance social cohesion. Providing Al-Hajri School for Girls and Al-Zubayri School with loudspeakers, solar energy and some other relevant tools that will be used in the school morning assembly, which in turn will help spreading the culture of tolerance and social cohesion. 6 wall paintings were drawn in some of the targeted areas calling for confronting extremism and violence, thus were published and promoted on social media. Next, 8 mosque sermons were implemented. The water network of the Salah district was also rehabilitated, including maintenance of pipes and the provision of 3,000-liter plastic water barrels, after which Al-Harazia water well was cleaned of sewage and garbage piled next to it to protect it from potential flood risks.

  • Project Idea

    Due to the ongoing war, it has led to the displacement and killing of many members of society, the increase in poverty, the absence of job opportunities, the increase in the number of victims, the destruction of infrastructure and the absence of services. Therefore, it has negatively affected the social fabric and increased the suffering of families and the loss of their sources of income. Undoubtedly, war and the absence of the State reinforced social divisions, and dismantled the social fabric. Extremist and violent parties and groups have emerged in the region and are working to exploit the current situation to their advantage and to polarize Youth to achieve their goals. So, this initiative will improve access to some basic services such as water.

  • Goal

    Protecting society in the city of Taiz from extremism and violent extremism and spreading a culture of coexistence and social cohesion.

  • Impact

    The participation of youth affected by violence in community work, the presence of reassurance and safety for children, the community’s resort to resolving conflicts for the community committee, weakening the role of violent groups, the presence of a forum for preachers that will open channels between religious institutions, and efforts will be united to confront the culture of hatred and educate young people about the dangers of violent extremism.