Follow-on Training Workshops Grant

  • Local Partners

    منظمة يمن بلا نزاع

  • Location

    Taiz,- al-Mudhaffar, al-Qahera, Sala,

  • Beneficiaries



Follow-on Training Workshops Grant

Implementation of four training workshops for (25) trainees per a workshop, with a total of (100) male and female trainees, in the challenges facing social cohesion, mediation and conflict resolution.

  • Project Idea

    Because of the ongoing war on the city of Taiz, which led to the absence of the local authority role, this led to the presence of extremist groups that spread a culture of violence and extremism in society. Therefore, awareness-raising training workshops should be carried out for different groups of society members to alleviate the conflicts in society, spread the culture of love and peace, and combat the ideas of extremism and violent extremism within societies.

  • Goal

    Transfer the knowledge and skills acquired by the main working group to the largest segment within community, and come up with proposals according to the community needs to enhance social cohesion in accordance with the project goals networking among the target groups.

  • Impact

    Raising the level of the target audience in conflict resolution skills and mitigating violence, and raising awareness on the importance of peace in the community environment.