School Peace Pioneers Grant

  • Local Partners

    Yemen without Conflict Organization

  • Location

    Taiz,- al-Mudhaffar,

  • Beneficiaries



School Peace Pioneers Grant

The project included holding 3 training workshops for 52 male and female students from schools of Shaba for Boys, Al-Shahid Al-Hajari, Al-Shahid Al-Zubayri, and Sina Complex for Girls on violent extremism and its confrontation. 12 awareness sessions and 7 instructive speeches were carried out during the radio school morning for the targeted schools, in addition to the implementation of 22 voluntary awareness sessions inside the classrooms in those schools. Finally, 3 mosque sermons were held on topics of cooperation, tolerance and reducing violence.

  • Project Idea

    Because of the ongoing war on the city of Taiz, which led to the absence of the local authority role, the educational process was stopped, and students joined armed groups and have been deprived of education. Yet, despite the return of the educational process, the thoughts of violent extremism still affect the student and his behavior up to now, especially since there are those who have been injured or lost their family or a teacher, or a friend. In addition, the educational process came back with a role-weakness. Therefore, this initiative worked to reduce extremism within schools in the targeted areas.

  • Goal

    Reviving the values of community peace and renunciation of violence among the student community in Al-Mudhaffar District, Taiz Governorate

  • Impact

    Raising the level of the target beneficiaries in conflict resolution skills and mitigating violence, raising awareness on the importance of peace in the educational environment, communicating positive messages and increasing students’ participation in extra-curricular activities that serve the process of dialogue and peace.