Youth Leadership Grant

  • Local Partners

    Mahra Youth Unity Association

  • Location

    Al Mahrah,- Al-Ghayda,

  • Beneficiaries



Youth Leadership Grant

This initiative engaged student councils in three local educational institutions, namely the College of Applied Sciences, the College of Education and the Vocational Institute. The training course created for them with the space to discuss the issues and needs of Al-Ghaydah youth and facilitated their access to local authorities to take decisions to ensure that their needs and views were heard. They were provided with the necessary skills and resources to implement local initiatives that contribute to addressing their issues. Their capacities were built in leadership, advocacy, analysis and conflict resolution. The intervention was 5 umbrellas installed and repaired in the College of Education and the College of Applied Sciences with the chairs required for those umbrellas and student communal areas.

  • Project Idea

    Building the capacities of young people in the city of al-Ghaydah with the necessary skills to be able on how to raise their needs to decision-makers, and reduce the spread of wrong practices such as drug abuse and the spread of crime among young people. Also, it is to support the main educational institutions in the city with student rest/break areas that help creating an appropriate and attractive learning environment for students.

  • Goal

    Empowering, rehabilitating and improving the capabilities of youth in Al-Ghaydah to raise their needs to decision-makers

  • Impact

    youth became able to identify needs and challenges, find appropriate solutions, and exercise their leadership role in resolving conflicts amongst themselves. People's commitment to the instructions related to drug control and the impact of its spread on society was identified.