Water Sector Grant (West Mohaifif Water Network Rehabilitation)

  • Local Partners

    Al-Sabeel Foundation

  • Location

    Al Mahrah,- Al-Ghayda,

  • Beneficiaries



Water Sector Grant (West Mohaifif Water Network Rehabilitation)

Public Water Corporation staff was trained in planning, managing human, financial and technical resources, maintaining water networks, and managing water distribution. The western Mohaifif water network has been rehabilitated according to the Mohaifif executive plan in partnership with the Public Water Corporation by digging (22) sewerage manhole rooms, removing old waste, digging the basis for new floors, installing valves for (12) water traps, and building (4) reinforced concrete rooms and (8) rooms from solid concrete block and concrete roof. The partner foundation has implemented a media campaign on the proper ways of consuming water and not being extravagant, in addition to discussing the mechanism of supporting Public Water Corporation by the local authority and the private sector.

  • Project Idea

    The western Mohaifif area in Al-Ghaydah District has been suffering for more than 15 years from the problem of water interruption due to the damage of the main water network and the inability of the local authority and the Water Corporation to address the problem due to the lack of the required financial resources.

  • Goal

    Support the local authority - the Public Water Corporation - of Al-Ghaydah District in improving access to water service provided to the community, reducing conflicts and diseases resulting from polluted water.

  • Impact

    Obtaining clean water suitable for human use and supporting Water Corporation in implementing projects that meet community water needs, rationalizing water consumption by citizens, and reducing diseases resulting from water pollution.