Community Committees Mediators Grant

  • Local Partners

    Peace & Building Foundation

  • Location

    Hadramawt,- Al-Mukalla,

  • Beneficiaries



Community Committees Mediators Grant

52 members of the community committees were chosen to be the mediators practicing mediation in 12 districts. They were trained in a capacity-building workshop in mediation and conflict resolution. Thus, they were provided with a database to manage events, identify and track the motives of local conflicts better, and archive the issues that have been resolved, in addition to building a meeting room and an office for mediators to hold their meetings and they can solve social issues on their new hall located at the top of al-Mukalla district management building.

  • Project Idea

    Due to the existence of security imbalances and the emergence of many conflicts between community members, which causes pressure on the local authority which leads to the accumulation of issues and disputes, the idea of establishing community committee mediators who exercise mediation roles in the community arose to be formed of the community committees’ members. So, they needed to be developed to perform mediation roles and resolve conflicts between community members and alleviate the local authority accumulation of societal issues that can be resolved through mediation.

  • Goal

    Improving the capabilities of community committees’ mediators to contribute to conflict resolution to enhance stability in Mukalla

  • Impact

    Mitigating social conflicts in the targeted locations, spreading and expanding the idea of community mediation to reach other neighborhoods, and mitigating conflicts by monitoring and targeting conflict drivers.