Community Policing Grant

  • Local Partners

    Peace & Building Foundation

  • Location

    Hadramawt,- Al-Mukalla,

  • Beneficiaries



Community Policing Grant

Several meetings were held with the security authorities and a one-day workshop was held to discuss the project's activities and to nominate 24 members of the community police in the neighborhoods of Al-Omal, Al-Thawra and 40-apartments. Then, capacity-building workshops were implemented for 24 targets for a period of 10 days in introducing human rights and Yemeni law, the community police and its role in community leadership, judicial control and gathering evidence, designing initiatives and training volunteers to assist security in the event of security disruptions. Three initiatives were implemented to enhance security by purchasing 48 street led-lights and 32 security cameras, distributing them on the streets in the targeted neighborhoods and linking them to security forces to follow up crimes and curb the spread of drugs and gangs.

  • Project Idea

    Because of the deteriorating security situation after the departure of AQAP from Mukalla, where community committees were formed and established to work to maintain security. Among the members of the committees were members of the community police, where there are security elements inside the formed committees that need the basics in how to deal with laws, human rights and the protection of crime scenes, the lack of training and rehabilitation for the community police members which led to many arbitrary arrests and disputes between residents and their members. Therefore, it was necessary to rehabilitate the members of the community police of the Department of Community Committees in Mukalla on many police skills and laws.

  • Goal

    Improving the capabilities of the community police in maintaining security and strengthening the relationship between society and security in the city of Mukalla.

  • Impact

    Improving the performance of the community police, mitigating the spread of crimes, drugs and gangs, and maintaining security.