• Local Partners

    Sheba Youth Foundation

  • Location

    Aden, Hadramawt,- Seiyun, Al-Mukalla,

  • Beneficiaries




The capacity of the local authority’s staff and the water sector staff, including the Public Institution for Water and Sanitation, the Public Institution for Rural Water and the Public Institution for Water Resources, was built, and a policy paper related to the water sector, problems, challenges and solutions was produced. A community committee was also formed to pressure the leaders who took control of some of the institution’s water wells and to work as advocacy to return them to the Public Corporation for Water and Sanitation. Maintenance and repair of water networks for four wells and linking them to the targeted areas was carried out.

  • Project Idea

    For seven years of war, water networks that deliver water from wells to water collection tanks and then to the citizens were destroyed, so Sheba Youth Foundation took the initiative to design Water Sector Management Project Initiative

  • Goal

    Improving the local authority’s role in rehabilitating water wells and providing water services to citizens to alleviate their suffering.

  • Impact

    اعادة تسليم 4 آبار للموسسة العامة للمياة والصرف الصحي، إعادة تسليم 8 خزانات تجميعية وربطها بالآبار وشبكة المياه الفرعية للمناطق المستهدفة وإعادتها للعمل مجدداً، عودة المياة للمواطنين