Waste Management Project - Mukalla City

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    Democratic Youth Foundation

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Waste Management Project - Mukalla City

A one-day workshop was carried out for 20 participants from the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, the local authority, neighborhoods’ heads, heads of units and neighborhoods, and youth activists on mechanisms for coordination and cooperation between all concerned parties, agreeing on a direct collection mechanism for waste, and supplying the Cleaning and Improvement Fund with 4 high-specification tuk-tuk to collect garbage in the target areas (direct collection from narrow neighborhoods). Then, the waste is taken to the transit station that was built to collect garbage from the narrow neighborhoods to the station for large vehicles to transport it to the garbage dump. 25 garbage bins/barrels were maintained for the targeted areas and a waste removal campaign was conducted through 400 volunteers who cleaned the targeted areas.

  • Project Idea

    Due to the shortage of local authority capacities, the narrow streets of the city of Mukalla for the entry of waste transport vehicles to the neighborhoods, and the lack of community awareness about the dangers and damages of garbage, Hadhramout governorate in general, and Mukalla district in particular, suffers from the accumulation of garbage in public streets, neighborhoods and abandoned houses, which causes the spread of epidemics and diseases.

  • Goal

    Improving the garbage collection mechanism in the targeted areas, and reducing the effects of garbage accumulation on diseases and the spread of epidemics.

  • Impact

    a decrease in the number of patients due to the decrease in the spread of epidemics and the mitigation of conflicts between citizens, the local authority and the hygiene fund.