Insider Mediators Conflict Resolution Workshop from Training to Practice, ERRY Program, Tuban, Lahj

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January 8, 2018
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February 3, 2017

A success Story of two IMs trainees from Alserdah and Zaidah overWater Project Conflict, Tuban, Lahj

Conflicting parties and causes

PY provided a common space and tools for the conflicting parties to resolve the conflict over a water project in Tuban District. The general water project in Tuban serves five villages, including Bani Naser, Alshakah, Zaidah, Kod Alabadel, and Alserdah villages. The conflict exists between Alserdah and Zaidah villagers over the water project and network pipelines. Alserdah villagers claimed that Zaidah Villagers prevented them from using or benefiting from water access by closing the water pipeline that supplies the water to Alserdah village. Consequently, Alserdah villagers damaged the network pipeline and pipe lockers that supply water to Zaidah village. This conflict has lasted four years, and several failed attempts have been made by the elders and village representatives to resolve the conflict.

How this conflict was solved?

 PY used its pre-designed selection criteria to involve IMs from both villages to participate in the IMs training workshop, including Waleed Hazem, Alserdah village representative and Fahd Mohammed, Zaidah village representative.


Through the training, PY provided a common space for both village representatives to discuss the issue and equipped the IMs with the tools, skills, and methodology to analyze the conflicts. After acquiring the necessary skills and recognizing the negative impact of the conflict on the community, both IMs took the initiative during the training and sat together, discussed and analyzed the conflict causes and demands of each party. They lead the conflict using the conflict analysis tool they acquired through the training and suggested a possible solution that will satisfy both sides. Coincidentally, the next day the water pipe lock that feed Alserdah village was broken. The representatives sat again to analyze the conflict and put forth suitable solutions. They came up with the following options to resolve the conflict:

  • Implement primary maintenance for the old water network that supplies water to Alserdah village; and
  • If the network doesn’t work, the two sides must search for a donor to maintain the network or dig a new well for Alserdah village.

When the representatives returned back to their villages, they started implementing the agreement that they arrived at during the training. They have fixed approximately half of the pipe locks and repaired parts of the pipeline. The villagers do not have the financial capacity to replace all pipes and maintain the old network. They raised this issue to Partners Yemen to fund this project in future as part of the community lead initiatives to mitigate the conflict entirely.