Insider Mediators Conflict Resolution Workshop from Training to Practice, ERRY Program, Tuban, Lahj
January 8, 2018
PY team contributes to resolving community conflict in Lahj Governorate,
February 3, 2017
Sheikh Ali Fadhayel from Ku’aydinah—practicing mediation skills and helping conflict parties reach a solution

In Ku’aydinah district training workshop, most of the participants are sheikhs and already engaged in mediation. They are using traditional laws to resolve conflicts on almost a daily bases. The mediators learned the mediation process, steps, terms and conditions, and watched mediation video. The Insider Mediators were very excited and want to practice what they had learned during the training, applying to their daily practice and implementing the skills in their community mediations.

When the first day of training completed, Sheikh Ali Fadhayel, one of the IMs, invited by Abdullah Suheil, Secretary for the local authority in Ku’aydinah and an influential leader in the region to his Diwan; two disputants from the district also arrived to Suheil’s Diwan requesting him to mediate between them over a land dispute. The land was owned by one person and rented to another in the district; the land was ruined due to a flood and lack of care, causing it to lose productive value. The leaseholder invested a lot of money to improve the land again, making it productive. The owner of the land asked the leaseholder to supply the products of the land as per the agreement. But the leaseholder refused, claiming that the land had been destroyed by the flood and the that the agreement was no longer valid because he had invested so much money into repairing the land.

Sheikh Ali Fadhayel asked Suheil for permission to resolve this dispute so that he could apply what he had learned during the training that day; Suheil gave him permission and told him to show the people present in the Diwan how to resolve the conflict using the information and skills he had learned.

Fadhayel started by a brief introduction about mediation, then asked the disputants to agree upon the terms and conditions of mediation; during the discussion of the conflict, Fadhayel asked each one about the best solution for their conflict. The owner of the land suggested to pay the leaseholder 20% of the lost money for the reclamation of the land, but the leaseholder wanted a full compensation what he had spent on the land reclamation. Fadhayel played a main role mediating the two disputants and reached a win-win solution, in which they divided the amount paid for the land reclamation between the two disputants, while the leaseholder will provide the production of the land as per the agreement. Both disputants were happy with the solution and returned to their homes together feeling satisfied because the conflict over the land resolved peacefully.

Using vouchers instead of cash to avoid security risks

Within the ERRY program, Partners Yemen and its local Partner Rawabi Al-Nahdha foundation implemented training workshops targeting 66 IMs in Abs and Ka’aydinah districts in Hajjah governorate.. Due to the bad security situation, it was very hard for the team to take a large amount of money along with them to conduct the workshops and pay the vendors for the IM trainings. The project team resolved the issue by depositing the amount in Al-Boraq Exchange Company to issue vouchers so that everyone involved in the training can take his/her dues from the company through this voucher. The company prepared the requested vouchers which were then handed to those involved in the training. The idea was very successful and alleviated all security risks of carrying money with the team in Hajjah. This methodology made the process easy and saved time and effort for the team.